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Professional teeth whitening is a simple and affordable way to improve how your smile looks.
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How can teeth whitening improve my smile?

One of the easiest ways to get a more confident smile is to brighten it with professional teeth whitening. Professional teeth bleaching eliminates stains and gives you noticeably whiter teeth fast. Many patients love how young and radiant it makes them feel.

How does at-home teeth whitening work?

  • Treatment Plan

    First, chat with the dentist about your dental goals. They will assess your smile to determine if teeth whitening is safe and discuss alternative options if necessary. If teeth whitening is right for your smile, then they will create your personalized smile-brightening plan.
  • Impressions For Custom Trays

    Then, the dentist takes dental impressions that the lab will use to fabricate your custom whitening trays. They will make strong, reusable trays suited perfectly to your smile.
  • Instructions & Application

    After your tray construction is done, you revisit the dental office to pick them up. At that time, we’ll provide you with professional-grade whitening products and detailed instructions on how to use it. Simply follow the written guide to whiten your teeth at home.

Types of whitening treatments

  • Take-home whitening

    Enjoy whitening your teeth on your terms using your reusable trays and whitening gel. This option saves you time from coming to the dental office, providing you with flexibility. Also, take-home whitening works over the course of a few weeks. It’s a gentler solution, better for sensitive teeth. Some patients also prefer the gradual results, as they are less noticeable to those around.

  • In-office whitening

    For immediate results, opt for in-office whitening. The dentist applies whitening gel to your teeth, then activates it with a UV light. We can repeat the process as necessary to get your ideal tooth shade. Because it works in under an hour, in-office whitening is ideal for those looking to improve their smile before an event (like a wedding or photo-shoot).

  • KöR Whitening

    KöR Whitening has earned its reputation as a top-selling teeth whitening system, because of its incredible efficacy. Offering the convenience of at-home whitening, KöR allows you to enhance your smile via gradual, yet powerful results, over a two-week period. Choose between KöR-Day™ or KöR-Night™ options to suit your lifestyle preferences. Nighttime whitening works its magic while you sleep, offering a cost-effective solution with impressive outcomes. Alternatively, our daytime at-home whitening system caters to those who prefer not to wear whitening trays overnight or have sensitivity concerns. With shorter wear periods, it’s a convenient choice for busy schedules.‍
    For stubborn stains, we offer a combination of in-office and at-home treatments, ensuring personalized results. KöR’s in-office whitening delivers swift results, brightening your smile by several shades in just one visit. When paired with our at-home regimen, the transformation is impeccable.


Are you willing to get your dream smile? Remove stains and get whiter teeth with professional teeth whitening in Greenville, SC.The expert dentist in Greenville, SC will work with you to choose the correct treatment to achieve your desired smile. 

Contact us and consult our office for teeth whitening in Greenville, SC, and get a dazzling smile today.

Have questions about teeth whitening?

Can teeth whitening damage teeth?

Professional teeth whitening is effective and safe. A dentist oversees the process, ensuring it will not damage your teeth.

However, over-whitening is a concern. Too much peroxide-based whitening will damage tooth enamel and weaken teeth. That’s why you should avoid over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening options. They may contain too much peroxide and can lead to irreversible damage.

While we highly recommend professional teeth whitening for its superior results and reduced risk, an affordable alternative is ADA-approved whitening products. These products are certified to contain low levels of peroxide, reducing the risk of over-whitening.

There are two categories of teeth whitening products that actually work.

Abrasive whiteners work, and these are toothpaste with baking soda added. Like sandpaper, abrasives physically scrub away surface stains. They can handle minor stains without damaging enamel. Avoid charcoal toothpaste, as the abrasives can damage teeth.

‍chemical whiteners are the other effective option. Visit the dentist for professional-grade products that whiten your smile without damaging it.

The most commonly understood mechanism behind sensitivity after teeth whitening is “dentinal microtubules,” which connect the interior nerve to tooth enamel. They allow us to feel tooth sensations.

Peroxide-based whiteners weaken tooth enamel temporarily, exposing the microtubules. However, after the whitening process, they are sealed and sensitivity decreases. That’s often why sensitivity after teeth whitening only lasts for a few days.

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