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Dental bridges are an affordable and natural-looking way to replace missing teeth.
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What is a dental bridge?

Dental bridges are restorations replacing a single tooth or consecutive missing teeth. The dentist first places dental crowns on the neighboring healthy teeth on each side of the missing tooth. Then, they attach the replacement tooth to the crowns to bridge the gap.

Dental Bridge Treatment Process

  • Prepare Abutment Teeth

    Your dentist will begin by ensuring the cleanliness of your mouth and administering local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Subsequently, they remove a thin layer of enamel from the two neighboring teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, which are referred to as “support teeth.” These teeth will serve as anchors for your crowns, facilitating the secure attachment of the bridge.

  • Impressions

    Following the preparation of the support teeth, your dentist will use dental putty and custom trays to take precise impressions of your dental anatomy. These impressions serve as a map for the dental lab technician to fabricate your personalized dental bridge.

  • Temporary Bridge

    To protect your prepared support teeth, your dentist installs a temporary resin bridge or temporary dental crowns. This ensures that your prepared teeth are adequately protected and covered until the permanent bridge is ready for placement.

  • Bridge Check & Adjustment

    Your permanent bridge is often ready after a few weeks. When it is finished, you return to the dental office to evaluate the bridge’s fit. The dentist makes any minor adjustments to ensure a comfortable, natural-looking bridge.

  • Permanent Placement

    Once you and your dentist are satisfied with the fit and aesthetics of the bridge, it will be permanently bonded to your support teeth using high-strength dental cement. This final step in the process restores both your smile and your bite functionality, ensuring long-lasting results.

Types of Dental Bridges

  • Traditional Bridge

    A traditional dental bridge involves fixing two crowns onto “anchor teeth” next to missing teeth in your mouth. These anchor teeth, called abutments, support a metal framework between them. They hold one or more artificial teeth, known as “pontics.” This method fills the gap left by missing teeth to restore your smile.
  • Cantilever Bridges

    Cantilever bridges are less invasive than traditional bridges, since only one tooth has to be trimmed, and they are usually less expensive than traditional bridges. However, you must have a healthy mouth to get a cantilever bridge, and they typically can only be used in a few areas of the mouth. Because only one tooth must be prepared for the crown, this type of bridge is more affordable. However, they are only suitable for certain areas of the mouth and when your teeth are generally very strong.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridges

    Maryland Bonded bridges do not require any trimming of the neighboring teeth. The dental lab creates a replacement tooth with “wings” that adhere to the adjacent teeth via dental cement. They are most often used for front teeth, and provide a much less invasive solution.

Have Questions About Dental Bridges?

How do dental bridges work?

Dental bridges securely attach one or more false teeth to your natural teeth. This is done using dental crowns (for fixed and cantilever bridges) or metal “wings” that attach to the back of your teeth (for Maryland bridges). By providing stability and preventing movement, bridges offer a reliable alternative to partial dentures. Furthermore, since they do not require invasive surgery, many patients prefer bridges over dental implants.

Yes, dental bridges are considered permanent treatments as they cannot be removed without professional intervention. They typically last 10 to 15 years or longer. The tooth preparation process for abutment teeth involves irreversible removal of enamel from one or more teeth, so carefully consider your dental needs before opting for a tooth bridge.

Certainly. Like all dental prostheses, dental bridges may require repair or replacement due to damage or normal wear and tear from daily activities. While bridges generally last between 10 to 20 years, the bridge type and oral hygiene practices can affect their longevity.

Dental bridges are made of a combination of materials, depending on the chosen type. Most bridges include a metal framework for structural support and alignment, along with porcelain crowns and false teeth. Acrylic teeth are often used only for temporary bridges because this material is less durable than ceramic or porcelain.

The cost of a dental bridge varies based on several factors. The bridge type, overall oral health, and pre-treatment procedures (like tooth extraction) all affect the total cost. Dental insurance often covers at least part of the cost for dental bridge treatment. To get an accurate cost estimate, contact your insurance provider and schedule a consultation with your dentist.

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