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New to Greenville? Check out some of these amazing images of local sites!

Red Nose Day for Children in Poverty. Buy a Red Nose. Proceeds to Children In Poverty. Dedicated Dentistry Rocks.

 Dr. Aiken, a lover of all animals, holds Jack the Dog. Jack has eyebrows because his owner thought it would be a good way to see if hair dye would work for he

Dr. Aiken is joined by Jeff Mazzola – a Smiling Patient of over 24 years – while they are supporting the Antonakos Foundation

Dr. Aiken takes his dog Bodie through Kohl’s. Bodie is a rescue who is named after Bode Miller, the famous Olympic down hill ski racer.

Red Nose Day 2016

 Greenville’s best 80s cover band, Retro Vertigo!



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